How To Register And Login to Your AI TRADE Account?

Are you a new user of our website who wants to use our service?  Please follow these guidelines to register on our website and continue.

Step 1

Click the option pricing on our home page. You’ll be sent there to access the subscription plan. There are three subscription options available to you: Free, Starter, and Pro. Before registering, you must complete the subscription. Annual and monthly subscriptions are the twice types of subscriptions.



Step 2

Choose any of the available packages, and a form requesting some basic information about you will be presented. If you select the free package option, only your email will be requested initially as the account details.



Once you are done, a success notification will have appeared in the top right corner. It will instruct you to verify the email which would be sent for verification purposes. Now, if you choose a premium subscription, you will be prompted to choose a payment option and enter your credit card information.



Step 3

The verification process will come next. Please check your email. You must click the link that appears after clicking the “verify email” button.



Step 4

Once you have validated, the verification link will take you to the registration procedure, where all you need to provide is your name and password.





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