Who Wins In the Battle Of the Bitcoin Trading Bots vs. Humans?

Trading bots and statistical funds have risen steadily over the past ten years, whereas traditional asset managers and hedge funds have fallen steadily. Trading bots can perform calculations a million times more quickly than the human brain. They can virtually instantaneously complete thousands of trades on several exchanges. And even the smallest deals executed in high volumes can add up to enormous profits.  Users are frequently seduced by boasts of big profits despite the lack of solid evidence to support such statements. Actually, many cryptocurrency trading bots are merely frauds. Often, you won’t know how or even if the bot actually functions because you won’t know anything about it or who created it.

Do humans have the strength to compete with this super technology given that they have all these advantages over tradebots?

Trading bots are incredibly dependable and superior since they aid individuals in reducing the tension and emotions they experience when trading in the stock market. Even when they are not physically present, bots assist in making sure they always engage with the market.

Let’s get into some key factors which distinguish and add a plus point to tradebots. Trading bots and statistical funds have risen steadily over the past ten years, whereas traditional asset managers and hedge funds have fallen steadily.

  • Trading bots for retail purposes: These are the bots that can be found on all the popular bot websites by performing a basic Google search.
  • Private trading robots: These have been the ones created internally by successful investment firms and written by exceptionally knowledgeable financial and statistical experts.
  • Experts in investing: These are the typical money managers who advertise their own holdings on financial channels.
  • Individual investors: Everyone else is generally this way. On CFD trading systems in the UK and Australia, they will conduct live operations.

Bug-free service

Bugs and mistakes can affect bots. There have been instances where bots have mistakenly “fat-fingered” a deal, leading to a significant price fluctuation in the underlying. Bots may theoretically crash as well, going offline for a while.

Data subjectivity analysis

Every now and then, a certain piece of information won’t have a first-degree thinking result and will require a deeper examination to grasp the effects. Bots can examine words and general opinions in a variety of situations, but there are some news events that they may not be able to react to.

Diverse Strategy

Bots are scalable and capable of completing the desired activity quickly and efficiently. They can work at various times with various tactics without ever associating them, which lowers risks.


For a very long time, people have been talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning. In several fields, both technologies are making significant strides. Examples include healthcare diagnosis and autonomous vehicles. Numerous trading bots are AI-powered, allowing them to grow and learn.

Point to be noted

Trading bots are incredibly trustworthy and superior because they assist individuals in reducing the stress and emotions associated with financial trading. They can always interact with the market even if they are not physically present, thanks to bots. The bots don’t necessarily have to exceed expectations, though. Beginners in particular shouldn’t use free bots; instead, they should use a registered bot to receive the greatest bot services. Prior to using the bots, a trader must also have a thorough understanding of the market as a whole.


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